Science fiction writer James Tiptree Jr., really Alice B. Sheldon, insulated herself with a male pen name and male narrative voices in the 1970’s in order to discuss her closeted sexuality. Tiptree was an enigma in the science fiction community, winning several Nebula and Hugo awards, but never appearing in person to collect them. Tiptree did however, maintain frequent correspondence with nearly all of the major science fiction writers of the time period through letters. The most notable of which was famed author Ursula Le Guin. The two writers carried out an intense, personal dialogue over eight years and spanning hundreds of letters. Sheldon, under the protective guise of being Tiptree, outwardly flirted with Le Guin, referring to her as “Starbear.” Working with the University of Oregon Special Collections Feminist Science Fiction Archive, Nelson has taken the full archive of letters and has catalogued and mapped every time the term of affection has appeared. These letters are paired with images of the clouds on Mars, taken by the Curiosity rover as it looks up alone from the surface of the empty planet. A letter written from Tiptree to Le Guin which simply states “I wish I had a Dark Sea,” in reference to an Emily Dickinson poem as well as Le Guin’s story “The New Atlantis,” appears from within the archive and is translated to a large silver print. The letter has been inverted by the artist to show white text on a vast field of black, and enlarged many times its size to create a dark, enveloping seascape.